About Humbletown

Humbletown plays both as a duo and as a larger band. Dylan James and Morgan Lee form the Humbletown Duo, with Dylan on guitar and mandolin and Morgan on banjo. The full band consists of Dylan and Morgan plus two full-time members: Connor Pederson and Josh Ricke. Connor plays a unique style of cello, with fiddle-like influences while Josh holds the band together with his upright bass. Humbletown plays a combination of original and cover songs from folk to bluegrass to jazz.  Humbletown has performed at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival’s band competition, House of Blues in New Orleans, and played with such bands as Trout Steak Revival, Lost Dog Street Band, and the Two Tracks. Humbletown also performed at Revival Music Festival at Harmony Park, MN.

Humbletown is influenced by bands such as Crooked Still, Punch Brothers, Billy Strings, Infamous Stringdusters, Doc Watson, Django Reinhardt, and the many South Dakota bands who have supported them and their local music scene.

Humbletown Duo

Dylan and Morgan play five instruments between them: guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and ukulele. Dylan and Morgan first met six years ago when they shared the stage with different projects and later reconnected over a folk song. The song had been adapted, taught to Morgan by her banjo teacher, brought to South Dakota, and was passed around until it found its way into Dylan’s hands. The song came full-circle when the two reconnected, sharing the stage again in the summer of 2017.



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