Humbletown Duo

humbletown duo

Morgan Lee and Dylan James often perform as the Humbletown Duo, with melodic medleys of folk, bluegrass, and jazz. Dylan and Morgan play five instruments between them: guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and ukulele. The duo first met six years ago when they shared the stage with different projects and later reconnected over a folk song. The song had been adapted, taught to Morgan by her banjo teacher, brought to South Dakota, and was passed around until it found its way into Dylan’s hands. The song came full-circle when the two reconnected, sharing the stage again in the summer of 2017.


Morgan Lee

Morgan came to South Dakota from California, where she traded her electric bass for a banjo and never looked back. She has been playing clawhammer banjo for over ten years and occasionally plays guitar, ukelele, and mandolin.


Dylan James

Veteran flat-picker and South Dakota native, Dylan James has been performing regionally for over a decade. His distinctive flat-picking solos, while staying true to tradition, contain undertones of rock, jazz, blues, and contemporary music. Dylan also plays mandolin and fiddle.