9/6 – This has been an amazing summer for Humbletown. We toured the west coast throughout the month of June and played many shows here in South Dakota in July. As fall approaches, our schedule has slowed down. Our banjo player, Morgan Lee, is pregnant and expecting a baby in December of this year, so we have slowed down on performances and are now focusing on getting some recording done. Throughout the next few months we will release several videos and work to finish our album. We will be playing sparsely around South Dakota, so try to make it out when we have a show!

We have launched a Patreon to build support for our upcoming videos and album. Please consider becoming a patron, as you will receive access to exclusive content and stay up-to-date with Humbletown even as we quiet down for the fall. Our Patreon link is:

5/21 – Wow, lots has been going on with Humbletown! We are back in Eastern South Dakota and loving it. We recently had a great broadcast on Moment in Sound with South Dakota Public Broadcasting, where we debuted our new upright bass player, Josh Ricke. Today we got in our order of Humbletown T-shirts and we’re in the process of working on our upcoming album.

We are very excited to play at Revival Festival this coming Sunday and then the Humbletown Duo leaves for our Out West Tour on Wednesday! Make sure to check back for details about our tour.

8/14 – Exciting Moves!

We are temporarily moving to the Black Hills! We will be in the Rapid City area from August-December and are looking forward to playing gigs throughout the hills. With new locations come new guest musicians. Who will be joining us next? Whether we play a show in Rapid City, Hill City, Custer, or somewhere in Wyoming, you may find a new character in our cast. We greatly look forward to having our talented friends join us for our upcoming shows. We also love playing as a duo, so please come out to our shows when you can! We will also continue playing music East River, including Sioux Falls, Vermillion, and surrounding locations. Check our shows page for updated dates and locations.

6/13/2018 – Evolution

While Humbletown formed as a duo, Morgan and Dylan have always loved playing with multiple instrumentalists. We have been thrilled to bring Connor Pederson and Teniesha Kessler into the mix to add new dimensions to Humbletown. Connor has been playing cello for 20 years and Teniesha has played violin on and off for 23 years. We will continue to play as a duo but will also play with Connor and Teniesha as well as other guest musicians. We hope you enjoy our evolution as much as we do!

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4/15/2017 – Recording

We spent a great day in the studio today with Chad at Pony Creek Studios recording the first track of our first album. We’re also looking forward to putting out a new video soon so stay tuned!